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The ZM14-AIS-5 AIS antenna is designed specifically for Automatic Identification System, which is a safety systems for all commerical vessels above 300 Tonnes, ensuring safety in conjested waterways. ZCG's ZM14-AIS-5 AIS marine antenna can be vessel mounted or fixed position mounted to suit all requirements. Coming standard with 5.0metres RG58 white coaxial cable. Choose from our MM1 white hardened plastic fold mount or MM2 316 stainless steel fold mount for deck mounting or our MMA range for mast mounting options. Alternatively you can mount the ZM14-AIS onto a spring base utilising a A-3050 adaptor and A-1269 HD barrel spring base. The ZM14-AIS-5 is shorter than the rest of our ZM marine antenna range to simplify identification when installed on a vessel or structure without the need of viewing the identification label. 161.975 - 162.025 MHz - AIS1 & AIS2. Height: 1.4m, Diameter: 30mm - ferrule, Mount thread: 1-1/4 inch UNS

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