$229.00 AUD

This lithium battery pack is suitable for jump starting 12V battery equipped vehicles such as cars, 4WDs and agricultural equipment. Plus it can also be utilised as a high capacity USB battery bank for recharging devices whilst away from mains power. The ultra compact design is far smaller than traditional jump starters sold for many years by automotive shops. It packs a 2500A peak current output, suitable for jumpstarting 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines, into a device weighing less than a 700gm!  It can be recharged using the included USB type C cable so you can easily keep it charged up and ready to go using any standard USB wall or vehicle charger (max input 18W - power delivery or PD charger recommended). Includes heavy duty crocodile battery clamps and 2.1mm DC to car accessory socket adapter (allowing you to power portable 12V appliances).
Part number - M8195B