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Top quality, heavy duty PVC tear drop orange Majoni fender buoys, with a black reinforced head complete with stainless steel eye thimble for additional strength.

For use on pleasure and commercial vessels, or as float buoys, net floats or marker buoys.

Available in a range of sizes, each fender is suppled deflated for shipping but can be inflated easy via an air compressor or a bike pump adaptor fitting (see related products).

Covers to suit:


How to use fenders and buoys

Fenders are designed for protection against damage to your boat and are placed in areas where the boat will make contact with another boat or dock. 

The size of the fender required will depend on the size of the boat. On average, six fenders are needed for good protection with three along each side, however you may need more for larger vessels or less for boats that are smaller in size.

Our fenders and buoys require minimal maintenance, you can simply wipe or rinse them down with clean water. If they are grimy and need a proper clean, just add non-abrasive soap to fresh water and lightly scrub them with a damp cloth.

With proper use and care, fenders can protect your boat for more than forty years.

Easy inflation and deflation

We use an unique strong brass valve for easy inflation and deflation of our fenders and buoys. The best way to inflate a fender is pushing air pressure from a compressor with a flat head against the valve and the fender will inflate.

It is also possible to inflate the fender with a bicycle and/or car pump, but only with the use of a special adaptor (see related products). Please do not use a handset with a pin to inflate, because this pin can damage the valve.

The best inflation pressure is 0.2 bar. This is the pressure where it is possible to press the body of the fender easily with your flat hand.

For deflating just push a pen slightly in the valve to let the air out. Due to extreme whether conditions the air pressure in the fender can change, so we advise to check the pressure and shape of your fenders frequently.

Spare valve

You can replace the valve with turning in a bolt M3 (or a woodscrew) and pull it out with a pair of tongs. After inspecting the valve, you can push a new valve back in the tube with your hand or a pen.

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