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The Simrad GO12 XSR chartplotter navigation display is a perfect way to expand the capabilities of sport boats, cruisers, and smaller center consoles with plug-and-play support for Simrad Broadband Radar™ and Halo™ Pulse Compression radar systems. Behind a super-bright, multi-touch widescreen display lies a built-in GPS receiver, wireless connectivity, and industry-standard NMEA 2000® networking. Connect with smartphones and tablets, control your onboard sound system, monitor engine data, and choose from an array of built-in sonar technology to cruise with confidence and find fish like a pro.

New addded functionalty with Software version 20.2 (released April 2021) and above

  • The 20.2 software release will enable the Ethernet port labeled “Radar” to access Chart and echosounder sources from other networked devices
  • GO12 can now access and display data from the S5100 & SonarHub modules.
  • GO12 can now access and display the echosounder data from another GO12 or NSS MFD that has a connected transducer.
  • GO12 can now access and display chart data from cards inserted into other GO12 units or NSS / NSO MFDs
  • Note: If a StructureScan 3D module is connected to a GO12, it does not have the StructureScan 3D feature; however, DownScan and SideScan are available.
  • Note: GO12 does not have video over IP functionality

Key Features

  • Easy to use multi-touch interface
  • Radar display for Simrad Broadband 3G™/4G™ and Halo™ Pulse Compression radar
  • Supports the widest range of charts
  • Widescreen with bright LED backlight
  • Built-in Broadband Sounder™, CHIRP sonar, StructureScan® HD imaging or ForwardScan™ sonar support (transducer required)
  • Compatible with the Simrad WM-3 SiriusXM satellite weather module (North America only)

Easy to Use Multi-Touch Display

The GO series offers true ease of use with intuitive touchscreen controls that smartphone and tablet users will find instantly familiar. Customize your home screen with the features you use most, and see everything you need on-screen at once with adjustable split-screen views.

Part number - 000-14857-001