$217.99 AUD

The P66 transom-mount features 50/200 kHz, dual-frequency, single, ceramic element. This hydrodynamic housing with its rounded nose reduces the turbulence under the transducer’s acoustic face for accurate high-speed readings and clear display images.


  • Depth, speed, and temperature

  • 600 W Dual-frequency element

  • 50 kHz with a 45° beamwidth for depth performance to 353 m (1,200')

  • 200 kHz with a 12° beamwidth for depth performance to 206 m (700')

  • Recessed water-flow channel protects paddlewheel from obstructions

  • Plastic release bracket protects sensor from frontal impact

  • Sensor can be removed from bracket without tools for easy service or storage

  • Chemical and impact-resistant plastic housing

Part number - 000-13919-001