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Key Features:

  • Enhanced TripleShot™ HD Transducer with Autotuning sonar
  • C-MAP® Embedded inland and coastal charts for New Zealand and Australia feat. Genesis® Live
  • IPS screen, viewable from all angles, even in polarized glasses
  • New reliable twist-lock connector system for easy installation in any boat or kayak
  • SD card slot for software updates, Genesis Live recording and charting add-ons.
  • See fish hiding in cover with FishReveal™ mode
  • Increase contrast and viewability with all-new Imaging color palettes

Eagle® was born to make fishing as simple and enjoyable as possible. Easy to use and quick to install, this model features newly designed SplitShot™ HD Transducer with FishReveal technology and autotuning for a quick and optimal set up. A new IPS screen provides higher resolution and visibility from all angles. And C-MAP® Embedded inland and coastal charts for New Zealand and Australia allow you to spend more time fishing and less time searching.



  • TripleShot™ HD. Give yourself the best chance of finding fish with underwater views to the side and below the boat, all in one transducer. TripleShot HD features the fish-finding capability of wide-angle high CHIRP sonar and the high-resolution images of fish-holding structure from SideScan and DownScan Imaging™.
  • FishReveal™. Take the guesswork out of fish identification with FishReveal, combining DownScan with CHIRP for unparalleled target separation and identification.
  • Autotuning Sonar. Simple autotuning sonar gives you the optimal settings from the start so you don’t have to spend time trying to find them yourself.


  • C-MAP EMBEDDED CHARTS FOR NEW ZEALAND AND AUSTRALIA: Spend more time fishing and less time searching, thanks to the high resolution of C-MAP® Embedded inland and coastal charts for New Zealand and Australia. With Eagle, you have all the detail you need to discover and navigate to the best fishing spots, faster.
  • GENESIS LIVE Know your local waters better than anyone with the ability to create custom ½-foot contour maps of your local lake or uncharted water in real time.


  • IPS SCREENS. See clearly wherever you go with a new IPS screen, offering improved resolution, clarity and visibility, even with polarized sunglasses in direct sunlight.
  • NEW CONNECTOR SYSTEM. Set up in an instant with our improved twist-locking connector, promising an easy and reliable installation and removal every time.
  • ONE-YEAR WARRANTY. Our priority is to give you superior quality products and a stress-free time on the water. Enjoy the feeling of fishing with peace of mind thanks to our two-year warranty guarantee.

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