S3100 SONAR MODULE 000-15918-001

Sale price$1,498.99


The S3100 provides support for high-definition Active Imaging HD sonar to HDS LIVE and Elite FS displays. Active Imaging HD delivers the clearest images of fish and structure with Lowrance® CHIRP sonar and high-frequency (up to 1 Megahertz) SideScan and DownScan Imaging; – plus FishReveal; DownScan and SideScan views, making fish identification easier below and to the sides of the boat. FishReveal SideScan View Fish will be easy to see on both sides of the boat with the new FishReveal SideScan view, which takes the guesswork out of fish identification by combining on one screen the incredible detail of high-frequency SideScan with the superb clarity and target separation of Lowrance CHIRP sonar. Available for HDS PRO, HDS LIVE and Elite FS displays.

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