CM275 LH/W 1KW 50/200 CHIRP CHEST MOUNT 000-13772-001

Sale price$2,599.00


The CM275LH-W is a urethane, cavity-tank mounted CHIRP transducer, ideal for sportfishing and commercial vessels 8 m (25 ft) and up. This dual-channel transducer combines Low CHIRP frequencies to accurately track the bottom in deep water, with High CHIRP at a constant 25° beam width for the best resolution and coverage in the upper water column and in shallower depths


  • Depth and fast-response water-temperature sensor
  • 1 kW
  • Low frequency: 42 to 65 kHz
  • 25° to 16° beamwidth
  • Maximum depth of 914 m (3,000')
  • High frequency: from 150 to 250 kHz
  • 25° constant beamwidth
  • Maximum depth of 152 m (500')
  • 123 kHz of total bandwidth from one transducer
  • Covers popular fishing frequencies of 50 and 200 kHz plus everything else in the bandwidth
  • High frequency produces superior shallow-water performance, bottom detail, and fish-target separation
  • High wide beamwidth yields more coverage for detecting fish in the upper-water column

Sealcast, seamless, urethane housing for long product life

  • Curved-edge design for wet-box installation
  • Also available as thru-hull (B275LHW), transom (TM275LHW) and pocket/keel (PM275LHW) mounts

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